Tuning Services Tuning Services

Our Tuning Services Include:
• Setting Desired Shift Points
• Setting Rev Limiter
• Speedometer Recalibration for Different Gear Ratios
• Raising or Deleting Speed Limiter
• Setting Desired Fan Temperature Activation
• Torque Management Adjustment
• Skip Shift Delete (Manual Transmission)
• Performance Spark Table (Gasoline Engines)
• Performance Fuel Curve
• Modification of Speed Limiter (This Can Be Adjusted Higher or Lower)
• Removal of VATS (For Engine Swaps Into Older Vehicles)
Additionally Custom Tuning makes extensive adjustments for drivability and safe power, for vehicles with modifications such as stroker motors, large camshafts, ported cylinder heads, aftermarket intake manifolds, headers, upgraded fuel systems, and other modifications that are outside the realm of a 'stock' vehicle.  
With Forced Induction Tuning, adjustments are also made specifically to allow the safest horsepower available when using power adders such as Nitrous, Superchargers, and Turbochargers.
Tuning Is Available For These Vehicles.
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Basic Tuning
Custom Tuning (1 Products)
Custom Tuning