Trickflow 220 AsCast LS1 Cylinder Heads

Trickflow 220 AsCast LS1 Cylinder Heads
Product Information
 The Trick Flow GenX 220 performance cylinder heads come with 220cc intake and 80cc exhaust Fast As Cast runners that duplicate the port shape and profile of fully CNC-ported runners. he combustion chambers are 64cc and valve sizes are 2.040 in. intake and 1.575 in. exhaust. Other features include bronze valve guides, ductile iron intake and exhaust valve seat inserts, 1.300 in. dual valve springs, Viton® fluoroelastomer canister-style valve seals, 7 degree machined steel valve locks, and 7 degree titanium retainers.

Price: $1970.00  

Product Code: TFS-3060T001